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Submission Guidelines for Verse Wisconsin

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We are no longer reading poetry submissions, book review submissions or accepting books for review.

In keeping with our mission, Verse Wisconsin publishes writers from Wisconsin, as well as those from across the country and around the globe. We are looking for work, of all voices, forms and styles, which demonstrates the excellence and diversity of poetry today, traditional and experimental. We are also interested in publishing prose in such forms as book reviews, essays, and other pieces which engage with poetry and foster thoughtful, critical conversations among poets and readers.

The Fine Print:
Verse Wisconsin receives first serial rights and/or first online publication rights to the poetry and articles it publishes. This means that the author of a work is free to have poems and prose printed in Verse Wisconsin republished elsewhere, as long as 1) other publishers do not require first rights AND 2) those publishers credit the work’s first publication in Verse Wisconsin. Verse Wisconsin reserves the right to publish individual poems and prose first printed in the magazine or online in anthology format at some future date.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT BY SUBMITTING WORK TO VERSE WISCONSIN you guarantee that the work you are submitting is your own original work, that it has never been published electronically or in print, and that it has not been accepted for publication elsewhere. By submitting work to us, you agree that Verse Wisconsin acquires first serial rights for poetry and prose and you thereby offer Verse Wisconsin first serial rights on the work you are submitting; you agree that if Verse Wisconsin accepts your work for publication, first publication acknowledgement to Verse Wisconsin will appear with the work in any subsequent publications. Finally, by submitting work to us, you give Verse Wisconsin the right to publish and archive accepted work, in print and/or online.

Book Review Guidelines

Verse Wisconsin seeks book reviews from 250-1000 words. Longer review-essays pieces will also  be considered, especially if about multiple books, but please query first. (Reviews of 250-500 words will usually appear in a "Books Noted" column.)

We believe that good book reviews are an essential part of lively literary criticism.  We’re looking for thoughtful, balanced, informative, and substantive reviews—don’t be afraid to be analytical! We’re not as interested in knowing whether or not you personally like a book, as much as whether the poetry is effectively written and how/why the poet’s craft works or doesn’t. Consider including comments on diction, syntax, form, metaphor and other literary devices, in addition to comments on subject matter. Consider contextualizing the book within an author’s works, the contemporary poetry scene, and/or larger literary traditions. Quotations from poems within the review will help clarify your points. Feel free to include longer quotations from poems, and please include the text of 1 or 2 poems from the book for us to consider publishing with the review—we’ll ask for permission from the author.