This Perfect Eye

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The imam on
                  the screen
                              tells me we are all
                       one, and I see the
           picture my son took, a
                              footbridge arcing out
                                           over the glassy river
                                  to meet its
               wavering reflection.
      A drop of sweat
           behind my left ear,
                                  and my cat
                                           stretches his back paw,
                                                             spreads his sharp toes,
                                                  licks slurp-smack
                            between them.
      “We must be stewards of that
                                           small breath
                            of the divine in
                each of us,”
                                   that warm breath,
                     finding their way
   into beaks and snouts,
                             beading on skin
         and blades of grass,
                                        down driveways,
                      between shoulders,
                                        all to flow
                      under this bridge,
                 all to
                      show us this
                                        perfect eye,
                             this bridge
       reaching out, and
returning to itself.

Paul Terranova