Memories of my childhood gather
In a great white ball and reveal
Nothing exciting.
Once I wrote away for some
Miscellaneous junk at 12 and
When I got them I was ecstatic
Because the envelope had my
Name on it. Now I was somebody.
I don’t recall all of the contents
Except two huge paper clips that
Were red and blue.
My step-brother, Scott, skateboarded
And played basketball constantly.
My step-dad killed my hamster
Named Teddy when he didn’t care
For it and left it in the garage
In 110 degree weather.
That made me cry. I hated my step-dad
For a while. Apricots littered our
Backyard. My Mother was always
Tanning herself in the backyard and
Reading self-help books.
Nothing really bad ever happened.
I could be wrong.
I am wrong a lot.

—Dawnell Harrison, Sandpoint, ID