Somos Latinas

by Nuestras Voces, Centro Hispano Youth Group, Madison

I am not who they think I am…
I am not a whore
I am not a Chicana or an American
I am not the color of my skin
I am not the clothes I wear
I am not my hair
I am not a bad friend
I am not a gangster
I am not a word
I am not a stereotype
But what they do not know is that…
I am a happy loner
I am a Mexican with a sense of pride that no one can take away
I am a dancer
I am a girl who chooses ART to be her freedom instead of drugs
I am powerful because I am strong
But what they do not know is that… everyone is crazy and weird in their own way

© Nuestras Voces 2011
Centro Hispano of Dane County