Crossword Sonnet: No Way Out

1 Across: Hocus Pocus

2 Down: As if

3 If: The whole world is a trick

4 Trick: Don’t watch my hands, the quick and quiet monkeys

5 Down: Dear If, Dear Illusion, Dear Obstacles and Manacles (6 Dear
Houdini could have found his way out of hell if he wanted to

7 If: he wanted to)

8 Across:

Dear Conjurer’s Monthly:

I read your recent magazine with great interest and I’d really like to know
more about that _____________ trick on page 27

9 Dear Houdini:

The mind believes the eye

10 Dear Press: I love making them wait, wait, wait

11 Down: Dear Houdini, wait

12 Dear World, Dear Appendix:

I can’t escape 13 From: my body
this time

14 If: if there’s a curtain,

I’ll be back

—Jeanie Tomasko