During a Snowstorm Professor R Supervises As If Conducting a Symphony

He who was so wise he once spoke for the many,
so pure he could sample the temptations of the bourgeoisie
and remain incorruptible—professor, former womanizer
recently reintroduced to wife and family—
how he loves the camaraderie of blizzards
rousing him from an afternoon nap with a chance again
to become a leader of men, expounding now on the socio-
political significance of the internal combustion engine;
leaning on an unused shovel and reminding us
that we are slaves to the master oil, and in love
with our chains, as we push to free the cars from icy ruts,
no one of us wanting to go back inside;
fresh snow multiplying quiet as the mind of God.

—John Krumberger, Minneapolis, MN