In These Dangerous Times

Stay concealed.
Remember that quick motions
will blow your cover.

Stopping and starting slowly
does it better.

Avoid things that dangle or glimmer.
And wear gray clothing.

Travel before dawn or after dusk.
Learn to fear the sun and moon.

Street lights will always betray you.
Stay under the tree canopy.

Shun vehicles that use gas.
Emissions can be followed.

Avoid the shine of chrome.
Satellites above are vigilant.

Do not use bikes or skates.
Roller blades are often less apparent.

Better yet: consider tennis shoes.
They are highly effective.

Do not whistle. I have seen people do that
and down they go.

While chewing food, keep your mouth closed.
Saliva shine can betray you.

Do not neglect these cautions (and others)
as you learn to stay concealed
in these dangerous times.

—Jerry Hauser, Green Bay