Reduction in Numbers

We regret to inform you
that we recently had to make
some very difficult decisions.
Given the integral effects
of our current operations
and how we adjust our model
we could no longer sustain
all the numbers we currently count.
After adding in our go forward needs
and to better align our end results,
some numbers had to be subtracted.
It was simply a matter of math.
There was nothing we could do
and it was less than we wanted.
It must be understood that we
were dealing with problematic numbers:
variables that stood for a value,
constants that could not be divided.
There it is. Don’t despise us
any more than is necessary.
It was all just algebra at its finest.
And for us, so very easy to figure out.
Finally, remember it was for the best.
But, if it makes you feel any better,
only prime numbers were removed.

—Philip Venzke, Stevens Point, WI